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Part No: DSK-001


Door seals 86"/88" per side original type.

Price: £90.00

Part No: DSK-002


Tail gate 86"/88"

Price: £25.00

Part No: DSK-003


Door seals 80" both sides.

Price: £90.00

Part No: DSK-004


Tail gate 80"

Price: £25.00

Part No: DSK-005


Seal bulkhead - windscreen 80" + 86"/88"(state).

Price: £35.00

Part No: DSK-006


Rivet kits for seals both doors.

Price: £18.00

Part No: DSK-007


Rivet kits for seals tail gates.

Price: £8.00

Part No: DSK-008


Vent seals 86"/88" non genuine per pair.

Price: £20.00