Frequently asked questions:


Q. Do I have to create an account to order parts from the website?

A. There is no need to create an account, you can simply make an enquiry for as many items as you wish and we will contact you ASAP


Q. What about postage costs? I've just made an enquiry and no postage costs have been added.



A. Due to the nature of the items and the differing weights we need to calculate postage after we have received your enquiry, we will then contact you with a total amount payable for your order.


Q. How do I pay you?

A. Please go to the 'How Pay' link on the main manu.


Q. How long will my parts take to arrive?

A. We will give you an estimated day of arrival following your order/enquiry


Q. I can't find the part I'm looking for on your website, how do I filter my search?

A. Use the 'Advanced Search' link in the right column, you can choose a category and enter words such as 'brake pipe' 'bearing' 'hub' etc


Q. What is the advantage of creating an account?

A. Account holders are regularly emailed with lists of new parts, and also have the ability to submit an order/enquiry far more easily. Account holders also have the ability to view all their past orders.


Q. I don't want to enquire about a specific part, I just want to email you with a general question, how do I do that?

A. Just go to the 'Contact Us' tab on the main menu and enter your details in the form