L.R.Fasteners is a husband and wife partnership and we sell parts for Land Rovers by mail order only.We started this business after rebuilding several Land Rovers to concourse standard as a hobby over a period of years. Larger replacement items we found after some effort but we found great difficulty in sourcing the thousands of nuts bolts and rivets etc needed in rebuilding. We had to buy packets or boxes in larger quantities than were required. We found many in the correct finish simply unobtainable. We went further and further afield to find older specifications which had been discontinued and struggled to locate things where part numbers had been repeatedly superseded.

What we do is source all these parts in quantity from this country and abroad then we send many of them off to be sheradized where necessary, they arrive back nicely coated in a shade of grey and all mixed up together! We sort thousands of nearly identical parts back into their respective boxes. Then to make up the kits – having established year, model, etc and what modifications have been made, and are intended to be made, during the rebuild – we bag up and label the correct parts in the correct numbers to complete each section of the rebuild. Every kit is different and assembled for your particular vehicle. There are approximately 3,800 to 4,600 individual items in each kit. These are made up of nuts, bolts, washers, stud plates, nut plates and rivets.

The body kits for Series I’s are sheradized and to BS5750. Fixings for II,III, Defender etc., are zinc plated to BS 5750 or black japanned for engine, gear box, axles and propshaft. These are BSF or Whitworth thread, R. Rating, or UNF, UNC, S.Rating, Metric 8.8 or 10.9 as required for later vehicles.
We have sold hundreds of these kits and whilst there is sometimes the Barnsley War Cry of “Ow much!?”everybody who has bought one has been pleased with it. We have had no complaints only grateful thanks and repeat orders. The fact Dunsfolds use them for rebuilding their Collection vehicles is testimony to how much time, money and effort they save. Most importantly to our customers and to us - the job is right when its done.

The parts we supply are to the original specifications where available. Where these are unobtainable we use only good quality replacement parts. We do nothing second hand or second class. Anyone wishing to look through the parts books and order by number and quantity can be accommodated.

As you will see from the various lists on the site we sell Land Rover Parts Catalogues and these are essential for anyone wishing to repair, rebuild or service their vehicle. They give expanded diagrams of all assemblies on each vehicle together with part numbers and quantities. These numbers are used on our site and in our printed list for reference purposes and they are needed to ensure you get the correct part for whatever application no matter which supplier you use.

We supply many other spare parts and service parts for landrovers and these are on the site we also publish two stock lists in printed form. One for Series I and one for Series II, IIA, III, Range Rover, 90, 110 etc. available on request.

We recommend the use of all new fasteners whether you are replacing one component or carrying out a complete rebuild. This is very critical on steering, brakes and suspension. Rebuilt engines should have new head bolt sets, fly wheel bolts and studs especially where manifolds are fitted. Body fasteners should always be renewed and Manufacturer’s torque figures should always be followed. When ordering handed components these are termed left or right handed when the vehicle is viewed from the rear.

We do try to ensure that our customers have everything to hand when starting a job based on experience of our own and our customers past rebuilds and have many customers who appreciate our input into their projects especially those undertaking these projects for the first time.
When you send us an enquiry either using this site or by ‘phone, FAX, Email or post we will get to you as soon as possible with a confirmation of price and availability and the cost of post and packing. Please note we are not registered for VAT at the moment. Regarding payment options we are considering taking card payments or perhaps Paypal in the future so your comments on this are welcome together with any other comments on our service.